Casement Windows - System 1400

Updated: Mar 26 15
 Created: Mar 25 15

Casement window opens to the outdoors

Casement System 1400 is appropriate for any building application—residential, commercial or institutional.

  • The window swings outward to 90 degrees with very little effort
  • Exterior glass can be easily reached for cleaning
  • The sash features a contoured shape that makes for elegant narrow sight lines

Engineered to be Energy Efficient

The sash is designed to seal against the frame with three continuous seals to keep out wind and weather.  And double-wall construction increases strength, permits thorough water drainage and decreases heat loss through the sash.


Multiple locking points around the sash make the window secure for tamper resistance and withstanding strong wind pressures.


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 Created: Jan 01 70

Drawing showing structural detail of casement windows

Triple weather seals guard against air and water infiltration.
  • Ease of operation: a single handle unlocks the multiple locking points.  The strong Maxim-Series operator allows the window to open 90° effortlessly. The hinge design allows you to conveniently reach the exterior of the glass for washing when the window is open.
  • Screw bosses securely hold fasteners in place, so that operators and other hardware can't work themselves loose over time.
  • Security: multiple locking points surrounding the sash mean that the window is secure for tamper resistance and withstanding strong wind pressures.
  • Fusion welded for strength: sash and frame corners are miter-cut and welded, eliminating caulking and joints that may loosen and leak.
  • Triple seal design: the sash is designed to seal against the frame with three continuous seals and a dual cavity, pressure-equalized configuration.
  • Multi chambered walls: double-wall construction increases strength, permits thorough water drainage and increases energy efficiency.
  • Architectural rating: able to withstand heavy use, this window achieves a grade 70 rating (a rating often associated with resisting winds in excess of 130 mph) even when made in the large 3' x 5' "architectural" size. The rating signifies that the windows passed a battery of 2,500 cycles of opening, closing and locking, "misuse" torsion and loading, and subsequent retesting to prove continued air and water infiltration resistance.
  • Interior glazing: this glazing style presents a seamless sash to the outside elements and the effects of potential tampering.
  • Well-proportioned sight lines:
  • Glass options: among the options are high-performance and decorative glass.
  • Longevity of vinyl: literally carefree, our windows resist corrosion from pollutants, never need painting and can be cleaned with soap and water.


Updated: Mar 26 15
 Created: Jan 01 70

Cut-away view of casement window construction.
  • Application: new construction, replacement
  • Frame: welded, 3.25" width
  • Sash: welded
  • Weather seals: 3 continuous seals (2 compression, 1 fin-type) around sash perimeter
  • Glass thickness: 1" (25 mm); Optional 13/8" (33 mm) triple glazed
  • Glass type: insulated glass with decorative and energy efficient options
  • Glazing stop position: interior
  • Colours: white, beige, oak foil and custom colours available
  • Sizes: custom to suit your needs

Performance Data

Updated: Jul 10 14
 Created: Jan 01 70

Air Leakage
(Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)
(Energy Rating)
Energy Star Zone
Double Glazed
(25 mm OT)
0.06 1.73 0.47 29 ABC
Triple Glazed
(33 mm OT)
0.06 1.22 0.38 35 ABCD
Insulated glass with Low E, Argon filled & Insulated Spacer

System Options

Updated: Jul 15 14
 Created: Jan 01 70

  • Glass options: double glazed (25 mm overall thickness) or triple glazed (33 mm overall thickness)
  • Grills: between the glass
  • Installation accessories: brick molds, J-channels, jamb extensions, drywall returns and mullion covers
  • Reinforcement: steel, where necessary
  • Factory-mulled units: offered for improved sight lines
  • Insect screens: full screen

Test Results

Updated: Jul 10 14
 Created: Jan 01 70

  Product Series
  Possible Rating 400 Single Slider 400 Double Hung 1400 Casement 4500 Tilt & Turn
A1-A3 A3 A3 A3 A3
Water Tightness B1-B7 B2 B2 B7 B7
Wind Load Resistance C1-C5 C4 C3 C4 C5
The higher the number, the better the performance relative to Standard CAN/CSA A440-M90

Updated: Apr 06 15
 Created: Jan 01 70

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